How Often Should I Get New Eyeglasses?

Taking care of your vision means regular eye exams. Don’t wait until you have a hard time seeing before talking to an eye doctor about a new prescription.

As a general rule of thumb, most people need to update their eyeglasses every two years. But particular eye conditions might require more frequent visits with the eye doctor. Your optometrist will recommend the ideal schedule based on your individual health needs.

Patients also may want new glasses because:

  1. Updated Prescription: When your eyes change, the lenses need to be updated to accommodate your current eyesight. You have the option to keep your existing frames and update the lenses if desired.
  2. New Type of Lenses: You might benefit from a new type of lens. For example, if you are starting to need reading glasses, then talk to your eye doctor about bifocal lenses, so you don’t have to switch between two pairs of glasses.
  3. Frame Style: One option to change your appearance is to pick new frames. You can update to a modern, stylish design to stay trendy when wearing eyeglasses.

Updating or Replacing Your Glasses

Sometimes, you can save money by updating your lenses and keeping the same frames or adding a new set of coatings. If your prescription is still the same, then you might not need new glasses.

Minor issues, such as a bent frame, might be able to be fixed by our experienced opticians. But if the glasses are falling apart, then you’ll be better off choosing new frames and getting a current prescription.

Signs You Need New Eyeglasses

How can you tell when it’s time to talk to the eye doctor about getting new glasses? Here are a few signs that you will benefit from updated lenses and frames:

It’s Been Two Years

If you haven’t visited the eye doctor in two years, then it’s time to schedule an appointment. Maintaining a regular checkup schedule ensures optimal vision and helps with the early detection of other health conditions.

Mark your calendar to make sure you are keeping up with your eye checkups. The eye doctor will check your prescription and offer recommendations to update your prescription lenses during each appointment.

You are Getting Headaches

Chronic headaches could be a sign that your prescription lenses need to be updated. It takes extra work for the brain and eyes to perform when your old prescription is no longer working.

Wearing outdated eyeglasses can strain the eye muscles, which can result in eye strain and headaches. Some people are surprised to notice that their headaches go away after switching out their eyeglasses.

If you notice an increase in headaches, it might be time to talk to the eye doctor.

You are Squinting Often

When you are having a hard time seeing something, does it help to squint to get clearer vision? Try partially closing your eyes to see if it helps.

Squinting results in a small amount of light coming into your eyes, which can improve vision. Even though squinting might offer a temporary improvement in vision, it shouldn’t be a regular thing. If you are squinting while wearing glasses, it’s a good sign that your prescription needs to be updated.

Double Vision is a Concern

Have you ever seen two images when looking at one object? When double vision happens, it could mean that your eyes aren’t working together the right way.

In addition to getting you as close to 20/20 vision as possible while wearing corrective lenses, your eye doctor will also evaluate other factors that affect your comfort and eyesight – such as treatment for double vision.

Scratched or Damaged Glasses

Even if you are careful to protect your eyeglasses, damage can occur over time. Whether you accidentally sat on the glasses when they were in your pocket or a visible scratch on the lenses, the damage could prevent you from clear vision.

Scratches on eyeglass lenses can cause your vision to seem blurry. In addition, bent or damaged frames affect the way the glasses are sitting on your face.

Sometimes, the damage can be repaired by straightening out the frames. But there are times when the damage is severe enough that you need to choose a new pair of eyeglasses.

Outdated Frames

Styles change over time, which is why many people like to keep up with the trends by updating their glasses frames. However, just because your frames looked good a few years ago doesn’t mean they are still working with the fashion trends.

It might seem harmless to wear an outdated frame style. But the truth is that outdated frames could be making you look older than your actual age! So update your frames to a younger, more youthful style.

Relief After Taking Off the Eyeglasses

How do you feel when you take your glasses off during the day? If you feel relieved or relaxed after removing the eyeglasses, it could signify that your prescription needs to be updated.

Switching to new glasses minimizes common problems such as discomfort and eye strain.

New Needs for Your Current Lifestyle

Keep in mind that eyeglasses can be designed with unique features to support your lifestyle. For example, you might want a new pair of eyeglasses with an anti-reflective coating if you have a new job and you’re spending more time at the computer.

Other beneficial features include things such as scratch-resistant coating or transition lenses if you maintain an active lifestyle or spend a lot of time outside.

Is It Time to Update Your Prescription?

When was the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? If it’s been a while, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor.

Not only do we offer vision testing and customized prescriptions, but our eye doctors are proactive about early detection for various types of eye diseases. We work hard to ensure you have great vision and healthy eyes throughout your life.

For personalized service, schedule an appointment at a nearby EyesNY location. You are welcome to contact our office at your convenience to schedule an eye exam.

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