Specialty Eye Services

At EyesNY, our specialized eye care services surpass the basic level of treatment. In addition to offering comprehensive vision care, we provide advanced diagnostic and treatment options. 

You can be confident that by choosing our team, you're selecting professionals who are updated with the latest developments in the field of eye care.

We offer personalized eye care and evaluations at several convenient locations across New York. Our specialty eye services cover corneal, oculoplastic, and vitreoretinal services.

Corneal Services

Your cornea, a clear, dome-shaped surface located in the front of the eye, can be affected by various eye diseases, like dry eye syndrome, ulcers, or keratoconus. 

Corneal services aim to preserve and restore the health and function of your cornea, which is essential for clear vision. At EyesNY, we offer different treatment options to preserve and restore the health and function of your cornea to improve your vision.

Our eye doctors will determine the best treatment plan to address your corneal condition or disease by performing multiple tests and assessments. These may range from minimally-invasive treatments to surgical procedures.

Oculoplastic Services

Oculoplastic services diagnose and treat conditions affecting the eyelids, tear ducts, and the cavity surrounding the eye (orbital cavity). Skin and structural alterations in this facial area can be caused by aging, physical traumas, or diseases like tumors that alter the normal anatomy.

At EyesNY, we offer different oculoplastic services that restore functionality and return your confidence. These include surgery, skin lifts, and tumor removal.

Vitreoretinal Services

Vitreoretinal services diagnose and treat conditions affecting the vitreous, the gel-like substance that fills the eye and retina. The vitreous of the eye is in charge of receiving and processing images. 

Issues with the vitreous are often a sign of other systemic health concerns, like diabetes or hypertension. Conditions and diseases that affect the back of the eye range from eye floaters to vitreous and retinal detachments. 

At EyesNY, we offer different vitreoretinal services that restore vision functionality. These include laser therapy, vitreoretinal surgery, medication, and dilated examinations to determine the underlying cause.

Emergency Eye Care

The eyes may become easily damaged due to physical trauma, penetration of foreign objects, or chemicals. When this happens, seeking appropriate medical attention is key since leaving these issues unattended may lead to irreversible vision damage.

Specialty Eye Services in New York

EyesNY offers multiple specialty eye services to help patients improve their eye health. Our specialized team of ophthalmologists is ready to assess your needs and give you the high-quality vision care you deserve. 

We work with cutting-edge technology to identify the root cause of your condition and create personalized treatment plans. Our caring staff is ready to welcome you and meet your ocular health and vision needs. 

Our specialty eye services include corneal, oculoplastic, and vitreoretinal services.

If you’d like a consultation or more information, call us or request an appointment online. You can also visit us at any of our clinic locations around New York, including Malta, Clifton Park, Troy, Saratoga Springs, and Queensbury.

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