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How Patients Feel About

EyesNY in Troy, NY
Jay V

My exam was the most comprehensive that I’ve ever had. I appreciated hearing that my diagnosis could be treated with a significant prescription change vs surgery as the only immediate option.

Tim B

I had some eye issues and got an appointment very quickly. The front end staff was great! My whole experience was great. Techs and Doctors were very helpful and informative!

Rena M

Best experience ever. The doctor handled my elderly mom to perfection on an on-call visit. Thank you!

HG Patient

I loved the practice; everybody was super nice and friendly. I really felt comfortable there as it was my first time at an eye doctor.

Directions for EyesNY - Troy, NY

2200 Burdett Avenue
Troy, NY 12180, USA

Where to Park

There is a parking lot available right next to the clinic building for both patients and visitors. If this location is full, there may be additional space along the side streets near the clinic.


EyesNY clinic in Troy is located across the street from the Samaritan Hospital. Also, Troy’s Middle School is located less than a mile from our clinic.


From Eagle Mills

  • Head northwest on NY-2 W/Brunswick Rd toward Pinewoods Avenue for 3.5 miles.
  • Turn right onto Orchard Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Tibbits Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Sunset Terrace.
  • Turn left onto Cook Dr.
  • Continue onto Peoples Dr.
  • Turn right, and EyesNY Troy Clinic will be on the left.

From Sycaway

  • Head west on NY-7 W/Hoosick Rd toward Leonard Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Burdett Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Peoples Dr.
  • Turn left, and you’ll find EyesNY Troy Clinic.

From Wynantskill

  • Head west on NY-66 N/Main Ave toward Brookside Avenue.
  •  Continue to follow NY-66 N for 2.5 miles.
  • Turn left onto Congress Street.
  • Turn right onto Brunswick Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Tibbits Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Burdett Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Peoples Dr.
  • Turn left, and you’ll find EyesNY Troy Clinic.

Areas Served

The EyesNY clinic in Troy offers services to Sycaway, Eagle Mills, Watervliet, Green Island, Cohoes, Waterford, and Wynantskill. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ophthalmology services are offered at EyesNY Troy, NY?

We offer a large variety of ophthalmology services to treat diseases that range from double vision and optic nerve problems to temporal arteritis. Our comprehensive ophthalmology services provide patients of all ages with options to improve and restore their eye health.

What types of refractive errors do you treat at EyesNY Troy, NY?

At our Troy, NY, location, we treat multiple refractive errors, such as astigmatism, presbyopia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Our treatment options available include prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and lens insertion surgery. 

The right approach to your case of nearsightedness will depend on your individual needs and lifestyle. Talking to our eye specialists and performing regular eye exams will ensure you choose the best refractive treatment for your condition. 

What is the difference between a routine eye exam and a medical eye exam at EyesNY Troy, NY?

Different types of eye exams target different needs. Our specialists will recommend the best option for your case during your consultation.

A routine eye exam is the most common type of evaluation. It focuses on identifying the state of your vision and measuring glass or contact prescriptions. Additionally, it may include an overall eye health evaluation to check for any potential medical issues.

While similar to a routine eye exam, a medical eye exam identifies medical issues that can’t be corrected with eyeglasses. Whether it's an eye condition or a sign of other health issues, your doctor will help you evaluate and recommend treatment during your medical eye exam. 

What types of retina services do you offer at EyesNY Troy, NY?

At the EyesNY Troy, NY, location, we offer a variety of retina services to treat conditions such as retinal tear, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

The treatments we offer range from surgical procedures, such as vitreoretinal surgery, vitrectomy, and injecting medicine into the eye, to laser treatment for blood vessel shrinkage. 

What types of corneal services do you offer at EyesNY Troy, NY?

At the EyesNY Troy, NY, location, we offer a variety of corneal services to treat diseases like dry eye, corneal infections, corneal ulcers, and keratoconus. The treatments we offer to deal with these issues include antibiotics, eyedrops, and surgical procedures like corneal transplants.

What types of oculoplastic services do you offer at EyesNY Troy, NY?

At the EyesNY Troy, NY, location, we offer different oculoplastic services that restore functionality and return your confidence. These include surgery, skin lifts, and tumor removal.

Oculoplastic services diagnose and treat conditions affecting the eyelids, tear ducts, and the cavity surrounding the eye (orbital cavity). Skin and structural alterations in this facial area can be caused by aging, physical traumas, or diseases like tumors that alter the normal anatomy.

What types of vitreoretinal services do you offer at EyesNY Troy, NY?

At the EyesNY Troy, NY, location, we offer different vitreoretinal services that restore vision functionality. These include laser therapy, vitreoretinal surgery, medication, and deep examinations to determine the underlying cause.

Issues with the vitreous, which is the gel-like substance that fills your eye, are often a sign of other systemic health concerns, like diabetes or hypertension.

Conditions and diseases that affect the back of the eye include macular holes, diabetic retinopathy, flashlights in the eye, eye floaters, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and vitreous detachment.

What eye conditions do you treat at EyesNY Troy, NY?

At the EyesNY Troy, NY, location, we ensure our patients receive quality treatment for any type of eye condition, including dry eye, eye floaters, astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia. Our cutting-edge tools and experienced eye specialists will help you detect and treat any type of eye condition.

Treatment options will depend on the severity of the issue. These include refractive corrections, such as prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, and lens insertion surgery.

What eye diseases do you treat at EyesNY Troy, NY?

Our team of expert ophthalmologists at EyesNY is dedicated to providing the best possible care for a wide range of eye diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, Graves’ disease, and diabetic retinopathy.

At the EyesNY Troy, NY, location, we have the latest technology to make sure our patients receive the best eye treatments. Our services range from surgical procedures to medications and therapies tailored to each individual case.

About EyesNY in Troy, NY

Our specialized team of ophthalmologists is ready to assess your needs and give you the high-quality vision care you deserve. 

We work with cutting-edge technology to identify the root cause of your condition or disease and create personalized treatment plans. Our caring staff is ready to welcome you and meet your ocular health and vision needs. 

If you’d like a consultation or more information, call us or request an appointment online. You can also visit our clinic in Troy, NY. 

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