Our Pediatric Eye Specialist Services

As a parent, do you know how much your child’s eyesight affects their development and learning?

Children are constantly taking in new information and processing things throughout the day. Even when they aren’t in a structured learning environment, like school, their little minds are still working on information to help them learn about the world.

This input comes from all of the senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. The senses provide information and data for the brain to process. Then things are categorized in mind for future reference.

So, if you want your child to thrive in their development, then it’s crucial to optimize their senses as much as possible. Unfortunately, vision issues can lead to a variety of common problems, such as difficulty reading – which causes a domino effect in other areas of life.

Pediatric Eye Specialist Services

At EyesNY, we are proud to offer family-focused eye care to protect your child’s health. Visiting a pediatric eye doctor is an essential step to identify early-stage symptoms that could indicate eye disease in the future.

We have specialty-trained eye doctors who work with children of all ages. If you are searching for a pediatric eye specialist, we invite you to schedule an appointment to learn more about the available services.

Children’s Eyes are Different Than Adults

Even though they might look similar on the outside, the truth is that children’s eyes are different than adults’. A pediatric eye doctor focuses specifically on childhood vision development and eye conditions affecting children.

These specialists only work with children from birth up to the age of 18. Once a child reaches adulthood, they can transition to another eye doctor who provides generalized services for adults.

Detecting Eye Conditions in the Earliest Stages of Life

Many eye conditions can be detected through regular screenings at eye exams. When you bring your child in for an examination, this process is more than determining whether the child needs to wear glasses. We are also looking for signs that could point to deeper issues.

Keep in mind that impaired vision for a few months or years could take a toll on the child’s progress going forward. For example, suppose the child has an untreated eye condition that is affecting their ability to perform in the classroom. In that case, this vision issue could start a trend of poor grades and failure in their educational activities.

On the other hand, parents can be proactive about preventing these issues by watching signs of vision issues and scheduling regular checkups with an eye doctor.

Are School Screenings Good Enough?

It’s common for public schools to hold annual screening events where they check the visual skills of all of the children in the school.

Remember that these screenings only provide limited information about the child’s eyesight. The screening could be a warning that the child needs to visit an eye doctor. But the child can also perform well on the vision screening while also having other eye conditions that aren’t revealed by looking at a chart on the wall.

So, just because your child passes the school screening doesn’t mean that you can cancel the appointment with a pediatric eye doctor. It’s essential to maintain a consistent schedule for pediatric eye appointments to ensure early detection if anything is happening to your child’s eyes.

How Often Do Children Need Eye Appointments?

The specific recommendations for eye appointment timing can vary depending on the eye doctor and the child’s unique medical needs.

The most effective vision screening practices involve periodic checkups throughout childhood. As a general rule of thumb, the first vision screening should happen within the first 6 months of life.

Then, again before the child starts preschool or kindergarten, and at regular intervals throughout the remainder of their childhood and adolescent years.

Why Choose a Pediatric Eye Doctor?

Why should you find a pediatric eye specialist instead of taking your child to a general eye doctor? Most eye doctors work with people of all ages. But pediatric specialists have unique training and skills specifically focused on childhood eye conditions.

Even though children suffer from similar eye conditions as adults, the treatment process is different for young children. Our pediatric specialists stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and treatments to ensure your child receives top-notch vision care throughout childhood.

Not only do we offer childhood vision care, but our team is also proactive about partnering with parents. In addition, we offer education and information to assist in helping your child maintain a healthy lifestyle that protects their vision.

Modern Technology and Skilled Doctors

Another reason to choose EyesNY is that we are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care. In addition, we stay up-to-date with technological advances in the eye care industry because these new tools offer updated solutions for diagnosis and treatment.

We have equipment that is specially adapted to childhood eye examinations.

Tips for Pediatric Vision Care

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of good vision in childhood, then check out the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus website.

Additionally, here are a few tips for pediatric eyecare from the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

  • Cigarette smoke can damage the eyes, so limit your child’s exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Talk to an eye doctor about the right timing for specific vision skills, such as eye-tracking and focusing
  • Watch for signs of misalignment, where you can see one eye that looks straight while the other is turning outward, inward, downward, or upward
  • Protect your child from chemical exposure, such as contact with household cleaning products
  • Consider limiting screen time to reduce temporary eye fatigue
  • If the child is struggling in school, it might be time for an eye examination. Vision problems can make it hard for the child to focus or read.
  • Use safety measures when the child participates in activities that could injure the eyes, such as protective glasses when playing sports.
  • When the child is old enough to wear contact lenses, teach them good hygiene habits for washing and caring for the lenses.

Talk to a Pediatric Eye Doctor

What do you need to know about caring for your child’s eyes? The best thing you can do is have regular visits with a pediatric eye doctor. These examinations and appointments help you learn more about ongoing eye care habits.

Additionally, these appointments allow our team to complete thorough evaluations to determine if your child has early signs of eye conditions.

If it’s time to schedule an appointment, call us at (518) 791-5725. You can choose from many convenient locations in the area.

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